Hope for Change Counseling


Members of Hope for Change Counseling provide you with affordable, supportive, and inspired counseling in a warm and welcoming environment. The collaborative consists of individual masters level clinicians, each with their own focus and therapeutic style, allowing you to choose the counselor that best fits your needs.

If you’re wondering why people seek counseling, here’s some possibilities:

Feeling sad, bored, tired, lacking interest in life
Worry to the point of feeling panic
Can’t sleep, nightmares, always tired
Eating too much
Can’t stop smoking
Chronic health problems, physical signs of stress
Fears and phobias
Relationships falling apart
Child concerns, step parenting
Grandparents raising grandchildren
Family problems
Feeling overwhelmed and can’t say “no”
Shyness and loneliness
Work stress, career difficulties
Past trauma or abuse
Sexual concerns
Life changes: movings, loss, aging
Low self worth
Desire for personal growth
Crime victim